Student Volunteer Application


Student Volunteer Application

All UAMS volunteers undergo HIPAA training annually. Our non-UAMS volunteers need to complete this short (<10 minutes) training prior to volunteering with us. On a Chrome browser, please go to, then click on “Education & Training” & select “Level I HIPAA Training”. There is no need to submit your name to UAMS at the end of the video; instead, you will need to sign the HIPAA logbook at clinic when you have completed the training.

For non-UAMS volunteers, please also review our non-UAMS guide below.

Volunteers play an important and intricate role in the life of the UAMS campus. In all capacities, volunteers have made the commitment to give of their time and care in order to make the hospital community seem more friendly and inviting. This important commitment helps to enrich patients, their families and the UAMS experience as a whole.

Additionally, volunteers are rewarded by the relationships they have the opportunity to foster with patients, faculty, staff and fellow volunteers. Thus, in giving of their time, volunteers receive valuable leadership skills, patient care skills and various other abilities paramount in the life of health care.

As UAMS continues to expand its volunteer community, the Volunteer Services Department is committed to the following characteristics of its volunteers:

  • UAMS volunteers have the necessary competencies and professionalism to play an intricate role in the field of healthcare.
  • UAMS volunteers are committed to upholding the rights of the patient while being a vital asset to the staff and faculty of UAMS.
  • UAMS volunteers maintain privacy and safety standards for the benefit of the University Hospital campus.
  • UAMS volunteers feel a calling or are drawn to serve with compassion, kindness, sincerity, and friendliness, and without the necessity of compensation, pay or other physical benefits.
  • UAMS volunteers stay abreast of hospital policies, changes or informative notices while continuing to be a voice for positive change and offering invaluable ideas for the UAMS of tomorrow.

Please e-mail for assistance.

The UAMS Medical Center Volunteer Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Volunteer Services Department is to uphold the greater UAMS mission and vision to teach, heal, search and serve through compassionate and informed volunteer services.