Professional Volunteers


Apply to be a Professional Volunteer!

The mission of the 12th Street Health and Wellness Center is to improve access to healthcare through student-led interprofessional health and wellness services. Our students work to provide a community clinic that promotes wellness in a historically medically underserved community as well as hone basic clinical skills for students in the various colleges of UAMS. Professional volunteers at the 12th St. Center are a central part of what makes the Center work.

As a professional volunteer in this learning atmosphere, you will mentor students as they learn about direct patient care. Students from an interprofessional team will present each patient’s case to you and other preceptors. The students assess the patient using a standard method, come up with a problem list, treatment plan, and present the case to the preceptor team. Your role as a professional on this team is to provide direction and ask questions to sharpen the student’s skills and ensure the best care for the patient. You or another member of the preceptor team may also see the patient if you determine that his or her needs are beyond the scope of what the students can provide.

We do not dispense any medications but do provide written prescriptions. We also have a wide range of services, including basic wellness screenings, physicals, chronic disease management, lab, dental hygiene, hearing assessments and dietary counseling. The one thing we are missing is you!