Student Board of Directors

These students represent the six academic units at UAMS, and they are the driving force behind the center. Some of their duties include coordination of student and preceptor volunteers, planning activities at the center, participating in activities around the city, and engaging the community. One of these students is on duty when the center is open.

Executive Director
Ginger Holton, Third Year Medical Student

Deputy Executive Director
Erin Puryear, Second Year Pharmacy Student

Director of Student Volunteers
Kanesha Day, Second Year Pharmacy Student

Director of Professional Volunteers
Christy Leonhardt, Second Year Pharmacy Student

Director of Clinic Administration
Jenny Rable, College of Public Health

Director of Internal Events
Elissabeth Martin, Second Year Medical Student

Director of External Events
Mary Smith, Second Year Pharmacy Student

Director of Community Outreach
Derek Pyland, Third Year Medical Student

Directors of Community Resources
Danielle Atwood, College of Medicine Graduate Student

Director of Public Relations
Laura Finlay, Third Year Pharmacy Student

Director of Financial Affairs
Adam Price, Second Year Medical Student


  • Technology: Chris Finlay, Third Year Medical Student
  • Creative Design: James Henderson
  • Fundraising: Larry Robins, Second Year Medical Student
  • Inventory: Mubeen Mandani, UALR Student[/su_box]

Class Representatives

College of Medicine
1st Year – Elissabeth Martin
2nd Year – Sophie Hollenberg
3rd Year – Jessica Johnson

College of Pharmacy
1st Year – Erin Puryear
2nd Year – Morgan VanVeckhoven
3rd Year – Kaitlin Bates

College of Public Health
Kevin Keen

College of Nursing
Mauri Rogers

Physician Assistant
1st Year – Farryl Wilburn
2nd Year – Samantha Strong

Dental Hygiene
Rebekah Lynch

Jessica Zerbe

Medical Lab Sciences
Ellis McVoy

Mubeen Mandani

Committee Members

Internal Events
Tezel Lightbourne, COPH
Allie Smith, N1
Alicia Sutterfield, P3
Meghan White, M2
Chelsea Woods, M2

Anthony Rooney, M2
Stephen Stricklin, P1
Noel Uzick, MHA1

External Events
Tory Hunton, M3
Amanda Lemp, COPH
Tana Jones, N2
Lauren Story, M2
Gong Weng, M2

TsungYen Chen, M3
Travis Ezell, UALR
Erin Hall-Minnie, M2
Albert Ogoti, N2
Richard Rieske, M2