Student Board of Directors

These students represent the six academic units at UAMS, and they are the driving force behind the center. Some of their duties include coordination of student and preceptor volunteers, planning activities at the center, participating in activities around the city, and engaging the community. One of these students is on duty when the center is open.

Executive Director
Adam Price, Fourth Year Medical Student

Deputy Executive Director
Sarah Beth Theriot, Third Year Medical Student

Director of Volunteers
Brady McLaughlin, Third Year Medical Student

Director of Special Events
Megan Chapman, Fourth Year Pharmacy Student

Directors of Community Outreach
Tia McDonald, Audiology

Director of Finance and Administration
Santiago Gonzalez, Second Year Medical Student

Director of Public Relations
Mariam Khan, Fourth Year Pharmacy Student

Deputy Director of Public Relations
Kylie Hayes, Second Year Medical Student

Director of Research
Thanh Thanh Dai, Fourth Year Medical Student


  • Student Volunteer Coordinator
    Erika Jasso, Second Year Medical Student
  • Professional Volunteer Coordinator
    Mikee Arambulo, Third Year Medical Student
  • Spanish Interpreter Coordinator
    Becca Moreira, UALR 2018
  • Lab Coordinator
    Danielle Dennis, Second Year Pharmacy Student
  • Director on Duty Coordinator
    Veronica Hawes, Fourth Year Medical Student
  • PCC / Internship Coordinator
    Wes Mills, UAMS
  • Training Coordinator
    Taylor Needham, Third Year Medical Student
  • Dental Care Coordinator
    Mikayla Feemster, College of Health Professions
  • External Events Coordinator
    Elizabeth Reichard, Second Year Pharmacy Student
  • Internal Events Coordinator
    Grace Oliver, Third Year Medical Student
  • Women’s Health Coordinator
    Julia Aronson, Third Year Medical Student
  • Women’s Health Coordinator Assistant
    Taylor Salyer, Third Year Medical Student
  • Patient Communication Chair
    Basilia Oseguera, Second Year Medical Student
  • Breast Care Chair
    Rachel White, Third Year Medical Student
  • STI and Contraception Chair
    Sarah Gammill, Second Year Medical Student
  • Student Education Chair
    Leslie Dunmire, Second Year Medical Student
  • Men’s Health Co-Coordinatiors
    Catey Margaret May, COPH and Dustin Walter, Third Year Medical Student
  • Vision Care Coordinator
    Ryan Oliver, Second Year Medical Student
  • Children’s Programming Coordinator
    Mary Beth Rhomberg, Second Year Medical Student
  • Food Pantry Coordinator
    Crystal Robinson
  • Garden Co-Coordinator
    Hsin-Wei Huang, Audiology and Hannah Blakely, Second Year Medical Student

Committee Members

Special Events Committee

Olivia Sims
Morgan Woodward
Lettie Hattahbaugh
Bethany Morrison
Anjali Patel
Pratheepa Ravikumar
Asher Wagnon
Aaron Moulton
Hamilton Newhart
Bryce Woods
Michelle Huynh
Jeanne Rabalais

Research Committee

Bethany Morrison
Will McComas
Moriah Hollaway
David Henry
Elizabeth Reichard

Development Committee

Shea Woosley

Community Outreach Committee

Jacqueline Smiley
Jagdeep Kaur
Emily Youngblood