Student Board of Directors

These students represent the six academic units at UAMS, and they are the driving force behind the center. Some of their duties include coordination of student and preceptor volunteers, planning activities at the center, participating in activities around the city, and engaging the community. One of these students is on duty when the center is open. For the 2020 – 2021 school year, our directors include:

Executive Director

Jeanne Rabalais, College of Medicine, M4


Deputy Executive Director

Alanna Davis, College of Medicine, M3


Director of Volunteers

Liza Hill, College of Medicine, M2


Directors of Volunteer Training (2)

Kylie Cleavenger, College of Medicine, M3

Anusha Majagi, College of Medicine, M3


Director of Events

Jennifer Saccente, College of Medicine, M4


Director of Community Outreach

Breyanna Dulaney, College of Medicine M2/College of Public Health


Director of Finance & Administration

Sophie Overton, College of Public Health/Masters of Health Administration


Director of Research

Bailee Cummings, College of Medicine, M2


Director of Public Relations

Carole “Fran” Jennings, College of Medicine, M4


Director of Specialty Services

Manasa Veluvolu, College of Medicine, M2


Student Volunteer Coordinators (3)

Brett Frazier, College of Medicine, M2

Abigail “Abby” Parker, College of Pharmacy, P2

Madeline “Maddy” Neubauer, College of Pharmacy, P4


Preceptor Volunteer Coordinator

Kevin Fialkowski, College of Medicine, M3


Spanish Interpreter Coordinators (3)

Grace Guzman, Undergrad/Post-Bacc

Kaley Ferguson, College of Medicine, M2

Alexandra Diaz-Cruz, College of Medicine, M2


Clinic Lab Coordinators (2)

Alex Day, College of Pharmacy, P2

Krupali Gandhi, College of Pharmacy, P2


Women’s Health Coordinators (2)

Micah Clay, College of Medicine, M4

Zeel Modi, College of Medicine, M3


Men’s Health Coordinators (2)

Taylor Winn, College of Medicine, M4

Stefan Paic, College of Pharmacy, P3


Patient Care Coordinator

Victoria Marcelle, UAMS Employee


Patient Food Pantry Coordinators (2)

Garrett Bethel, College of Medicine, M3

Caitlin Cothern, College of Health Professions-Clinical Nutrition


IFFC Garden Coordinator

Jacqueline Dodwell, College of Pharmacy, P4


Rainbow Clinic Coordinators (2)

Taylor Dycus, College of Health Professions-Physician Assistant

Dustin Brown, College of Medicine, M4