Where is the Health & Wellness Center?

The building is located on the corner of 12th and Cedar street. (Map & Directions)

How can I benefit from the HWC?

The HWC is focused on preventative care, particularly heart health, as well as providing consultations for chronic health conditions and healthy living. The HWC can also provide you referrals to local physicians, or other resources.

What services does the HWC offer and when are they available?

Some services will be regularly scheduled throughout the week, like blood pressure readings and personalized medication education. Specialized events, like nutrition classes or basic dental care for kids, will be announced as programs are scheduled. See {calendar} for details.

What services are NOT available at the HWC?

Students under supervision will not be able to dispense medications. We do have limited prescription writing ability for help with some chronic medical conditions. No prescriptions for narcotics are available. For all serious medical urgencies, visitors will be referred to local physicians or your nearest emergency room.

Who can receive the services offered by the HWC?

People of all ages are welcome at the HWC. Dental services in particular will be provided for children.

Will I be charged for any services provided?

No, all services are provided free of charge in order to benefit the community and provide an educational experience for UAMS students.

Do I make an appointment?

No appointment is needed at this time, but it is best to call the center first to make sure we are providing the services you need that day.

Contact us to see what services we are providing today! 501-614 – 2HWC (2492)

How can I help?

We currently have a {Community Advisory Board} with members from the 12th street community that help us connect with the public, contact Dr. Lanita White to see how you can get involved.

Who can I contact for more information about the HWC?

The HWC is sponsored by UAMS. You can contact Dr. Lanita White for more information.