UAMS 12th St Health and Wellness Center

Following the donation of the building near 12th and Cedar Streets, four blocks south of the campus, UAMS established the 12th Street Health and Wellness Center.  We are a community-based, student-led, interprofessional health and wellness center that provides free health screenings and health management services for people in the community.

The 12th Street Center carries on the long tradition of community patient care established by the donors, Drs. Vicki and Karrol Fowlkes of Salem, Arkansas. Both alumni of the College of Pharmacy, who originally owned the building when it was Finnegan’s Pharmacy and later USA Drug.

Because the initial gift was made to the College of Pharmacy, Dean Stephanie F. Gardner led the initial effort to establish the 12th Street Center.  Amy Franks, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Practice Department Chair, coordinated the first phase of development with Lanita White, Pharm.D. who served as founding director through 2018. In January 2019 Melissa Clark, Pharm.D., M.P.H. became director of the Center. With Dr. Clark’s leadership, the Center is now guided by a Community Advisory Board and a Student Board of Directors.